The last couple weeks have been a blur. I finished my internship in Fort St. John, and as a way of concluding my time there, I wrote a blog post on the museum’s blog with my final thoughts on the experience. If you want to read that, you can check it out here:

From Fort St. John I flew to the other end of the country back to my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to get in a long overdue visit with my family. While home, my mom and I went on a total museum-blitz as she called it. Ever since I started my masters degree, I’ve been wanting to revisit the museums at home to see what I think of them now that I have all of this new knowledge, but it never seemed to happen. I either wasn’t home for long enough, or it was Christmas and way too busy to do anything other than Christmas.

We managed to fit just about all of the major ones in, and I made a point of taking lots of pictures and playing tourist in my own backyard (something I think we don’t do often enough in general). This post won’t have any analysis or insights, just lots of pictures, nostalgia, and a rekindled sense of regional identity.

Our first stop was at the Discovery Centre, which was on the whole very cool. I was very lucky that when we went, they had a special exhibit about rock and roll and music, so I was in my element!

DC 2
You know it’s going to be a good exhibit when you spot a KISS fan as soon as you enter.

DC 1DC 4DC 7DC 8DC 9DC 10DC 11DC 13DC 14DC 17DC 15

DC 16
I’m a huge Alice Cooper fan, so I was very excited by this.
DC 19
I took this one because of an episode of Portlandia that Chris and I both enjoyed. If you’ve seen it, you get it.
DC 5
I happen to have the world’s coolest mom because she actually is a drummer, so she had fun testing out the electronic kit.
DC 12
My brother got in on the fun too.


DC 20
Time for a little electric guitar!

DC 22

DC 21


After that, we took a trip to the Citadel Hill!

NS 4NS 1NS 2NS 3

NS 5
Heading down into the trenches.

NS 9NS 7NS 6NS 13NS 12NS 11


The next day we started at the Museum of Natural History, and then continued the adventure over to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

NS 14NS 15

NS 16
This is Gus. He’s very old (now in his 90s) and has been at the museum for as long as I can remember! Visiting him is always a highlight.

NS 17NS 18NS 19NS 20NS 21NS 22NS 24NS 25NS 26NS 28NS 29NS 30NS 31NS 32NS 34NS 35NS 36NS 37NS 38NS 40

NS 41
I really want to know where I can get one of these bags…preferably without having to retrain as a scientist and living on Sable Island…..

NS 42NS 43NS 45NS 47NS 48NS 50


NS 51
Real ocean life.

NS 52

NS 53
Recreation ocean life.

NS 54NS 55NS 56NS 57NS 58NS 59NS 60NS 62


Pier 21 was definitely one of my favorite stops! I really appreciated how thoughtful and interactive it was.

NS 72NS 73NS 67NS 64NS 65NS 75NS 71NS 70NS 69NS 68NS 74NS 76NS 77NS 78NS 79NS 80NS 81NS 82NS 83NS 84


NS 85
This Winston Churchill doll was given to a little girl when she was finally able to return to England after the Blitz. While it is an uncanny likeness, I’m not sure how much I would have appreciated such as gift as a child….

NS 86NS 87NS 88NS 89NS 90NS 91NS 92NS 93

Next up was the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, followed by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia!

NS 94
Merlin is another old friend of the museum world. He talks to you when he’s in the right mood!

NS 95NS 96NS 97NS 98NS 99NS 100NS 101NS 102NS 103

NS 105
For anyone who doesn’t know, Theodore Tugboat and his friends are in fact Haligonians!

NS 106NS 107NS 108NS 109NS 110NS 111NS 112NS 113NS 114

NS 116
I don’t really know why this costume headpiece exists, or why it looks so very creepy, but there you go.
NS 118
Okay, I know I said no analysis, but look! They had text panels devoted to explaining aspects of the historical field! Stuff like this is so important if we’re actually serious about democratizing museums.

NS 119

NS 120
Such a beautiful day called for a view pictures out on the observation deck. Halifax was looking pretty great that day.

NS 121NS 122NS 123NS 124NS 125

NS 126
I ran into an old high school chum while I was there…
NS 127
When I was in the third grade, I did a class project about Maud Lewis, and I’ve been enchanted by her artwork ever since. No matter what other exhibits are on display at the art gallery, I always made sure to see her gallery, and it remains one of my favorites to this day.

NS 128NS 129

NS 130
One of the things that I appreciate the most about her work every time I see it is that you can actually see her skills improve as you look at her work over the years. I love when people do things that fly in the face of what the industry sets out as the standard or expectation.

NS 131NS 134NS 135NS 136NS 137

NS 138
More folk art, because folk art is super important.

NS 139NS 140NS 141NS 142NS 143NS 145NS 146NS 147NS 148NS 149NS 150NS 151

NS 152
This one is a bonus: I was downtown with my family and popped into a great antiques and oddities shop (Plan B on Gottigen St. if you’re ever in town and want to check it out), and they had several cans of fog straight out of the Bay of Fundy for sale! Stuff like this always makes me laugh, and similar entrepreneurial endeavors have been made in lots of places. I guess this was one of the East Coast’s contributions!




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