I am one of those historians that has a really hard time sticking to just one thing. In my undergraduate degree, I did an honors in history at Dalhousie University, where I mostly focused on Medieval and Early Modern English history.  Working with Dr. Cynthia Neville, I wrote my thesis on Masculinity in Medieval Scotland, expressed through the images on wax seals, and now I am officially an expert in blobs of wax, and I get very excited about it.

I did my Masters degree in Public History at Carleton University, graduating in 2016. This is where my interest and excitement for museums was allowed to catch fire and get a little bit out of control. I worked with Dr. John Walsh, and studied the Newfoundland Folk Music Revival of the 50s and 60s, examining the role of collector Kenneth Peacock. This story is the first series of posts on this site, and is the culmination of my fascination with museums and their role in creating the historical narrative, as well as my constant attempts to understand how history is being used and reused in our own lives on a daily basis.

PresentingPast is the culmination of my unending desire to learn about our past, uninhibited by theme or period, and that strange lull after grad school when you haven’t quite found a job in your field yet, and have a little too much time on your hands, time which I much prefer to spend writing about how we write history.